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Kogepan Ocha-ken Dogtato Kappa no Kaikata Bincho-tan Nanami-Chan
Kogepan! the Burnt Bread

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The Story
Kogepan is a red bean filled bun who was accidentally burnt by a careless baker. Disillusioned with life, he roams the bakery making friends and (more often) being jealous of others. He is terribly envious of the other breads who live there, especially the ones who were never burnt and live a happy but short life until they are purchased by discerning customers.

The Character, Company & Creations
As a brand created by the pre-war Japanese company San-X (formerly Chida Handler until 1973), Kogepan has become a series of anime, books, toys and other merchandise.

The Anime
As with many Japanese creations, an anime series is never further away than just around the corner! Becoming a 10 episode mini-series, the Kogepan anime is aimed at young children but has a little something for everyone. Telling short tales of the day-to-day life in the bakery, Kogepan is sure to strike an emotional note with most viewers as he struggles to find acceptance amongst others.