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Kogepan! the Burnt Bread

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Episode Guide (and Download)

Thanks goes to Mugen for a brilliant job writing English subtitles for the episodes.

Below is an extremely brief guide to each episode with a screenshot. Follow the "Download" links to download the episodes. Episodes encoded in DivX.

Episode 1 ScreenshotEpisode 1
A day in the life of Kogepan. A brief introduction to Kogepan.
Download (18.1 MB)
Episode 2 ScreenshotEpisode 2
Kogepan meets another bread of similar burnt fate. They travel together.
Download (21.5 MB)
Episode 3 ScreenshotEpisode 3
Kogepan and the young pretty breads.
Download (21.9 MB)
Episode 4 ScreenshotEpisode 4
A look at Kogepan's friends at the bakery.
Download (21.6 MB)
Episode 5 ScreenshotEpisode 5
The story of how Kogepan came to be Kogepan.
Download (21.5 MB)
Episode 6 ScreenshotEpisode 6
The dreams of Kogepan. Kogepan tries to become a better bread.
Download (21.5 MB)
Episode 7 ScreenshotEpisode 7
The attitude of Kogepan and his ongoing quest for perfection.
Download (21.6 MB)
Episode 8 ScreenshotEpisode 8
Enter Ichigo Pan, the soft pink bread with essence of Strawberry.
Download (23.0 MB)
Episode 9 ScreenshotEpisode 9
A Pretty Pan takes a liking to Kogepan, but it was not to be.
Download (22.5 MB)
Episode 10 ScreenshotEpisode 10
Spring is here! Followed swiftly by Summer, Autumn and Winter!
Download (22.8 MB)