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A Kogepan book
One of the Kogepan Books, a Travel Diary
The Kogepan brand has seen the creation of, other than the anime, a series of books and various toys.

Over a dozen books have now been published under the Kogepan brand. Unfortunately for English readers although they are colour picture books they all remain published solely in Japanese (at time of writing this) and are therefore hard to locate outside of Japan. However, due to the books being aimed at children they are not very difficult for those with a basic understanding of Japanese to read.

If you wish to purchase any of the books you may be able to do so through Amazon.co.jp (follow this link to a search for Kogepan books on Amazon.co.jp). The book to the right is one such book, a Travel Diary.

Kogepan plush toys
Kogepan plush toys
Around the net you will be able to locate other Kogepan merchandise, such as keychains, t-shirts, mugs, wristwatches and plush toys. For example, A simple eBay search will bring many such items to your attention! Aside from eBay there are many other online stores carrying Kogepan merchandise; Google Product Search for Kogepan may help you locate some such stores!